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Email is the best way to reach me.
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How to request service:
The easiest method for requesting service is to send an email, with contact information and a description of the issue, to: support (at)
Or fill out the service request form on the left-hand column of this web page, and the subsequent forms it links to.

How to get the device to me:
Since I work from home and do not have a storefront, I will meet customers wherever they prefer.

john (at)

(707) 409-4621

Snail mail:
Choate Custom Computers
PO Box 469
Mendocino, CA 95460


Founded in 2017, Choate Custom Computers provides PC repair/upgrade services, as well as phone and tablet hardware repair, to clients on the Mendocino Coast.

Using a combination of professional and personal experience, I can diagnose and repair most issues to arise on a PC desktop or laptop system. Hardware repairs are also available for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Have a cracked screen, bad battery, broken camera or speaker, troubles with the charger port? I can help.

I also have a passion for the Linux operating system, and can help users to migrate from other systems to Linux. Let me know if you are tired of the subscriptions, fees, and usage/license restrictions of commercial software, as well as the vulnerability to malware and viruses. I can help you find other solutions to your software needs.

When I have an actual shop, I'll post directions to it here.

For now, here's a map of Mendocino: