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Hours of Business: CURRENTLY CLOSED, but returning soon ... Too busy w/ my day job and other projects.


Services & Rates

Current Service Rates

 · PC Service Rates

In-Shop Labor

   · Standard: $60/hr
   · Minimum: $20
   · Rush/After-Hours: $100/hr

On-Site Labor

   · Standard: $60/hr
   · Minimum: $30
   · Rush/After-Hours: $120/hr

Flat Rate Labor

   · PC Tune-Up: $80
   · Big Tune-Up: $120

Variable Rate Jobs

   · Anti-Malware: $60-200+
   · Data Recovery: $30-200+

 · Phone & Tablet Service Rates

Glass Screen Protector

   · iPhone & iPad: $5-20, installed
   · Android: special order

For Repairs, See Next Section

 · Other Device Service Rates

Digital Camera Service

   See Next Section

Printer Repair

   · Clean Print Head: $varies
   · Solve Paper Jam: $20+
   · Scanner Repair: $varies

Common Device Repair Rates

Prices change frequently, and without notice

For warranty support or insured devices, contact the device manufacturer or cell account carrier.

Whenever possible, please have your data backed-up/downloaded from the device before service.
Also, iPhone models from version 7 and newer must have the latest system updates installed before a screen replacement can be done.
iPhone models 8 and newer will lose the "True Tone" feature when the screen is replaced.

 · Replace Battery


 · Replace Screen


   · 5/SE/6/7/8 series: $50-110
   · X and 11 series: 
 Not at this time / emergency only*

* See the X/11 series disclaimer, above


   · Air2/Mini4/Pro: $265-750+
   · Air3/Mini5: 


   · Galaxy S7/8/9: REPLACE THE PHONE
   · Google Pixel series: please inquire
   · Motorola phones: 
please inquire
   · Asus Zenpad Tablet: $80+

 · Replace Front Glass / Digitizer


   · All: See 'Replace Screen'


   · 5/6/Mini2-3/Air1: $115-130
   · Air2/Mini4/Pro: See 'Replace Screen'
   · Air3/Mini5: See 'Replace Screen'
   · 1/2/3/4/Mini1: GETTING OLD


   · Galaxy S: See 'Replace Screen'

 · Replace Rear Glass


Nah. Don't bother. This job sucks.


   · Galaxy S7/8/9: $tba

 · Digital Camera Repair


   · Sensor Cleaning: ~$30-50
   · Mirror Cleaning: ~$20-50
   · Full Cleaning: ~$50-90
   · Replace internals: $tba


   · Replace LCD: $tba
   · Replace circuits: $tba
   · Replace buttons: $tba

For an accurate, up-to-date service price quote, send me a service request and ask for an estimate. I'll check the latest prices from my vendors for items I need to order.

Some services are done the same-day as device check-in. Most devices will have to be checked in for several hours. iPad devices usually have to spend the night.

 'Replace Glass' means that the front glass digitizer panel can be replaced alone.
 'Replace Screen' means that the LCD panel must be replaced along with the digitizer glass, regardless of whether the original LCD is still working or not. In these cases, the LCD and digitizer glass are factory bonded, often with optical glue or oil between them. The iPad Air 2, Mini 4, and Pro Models are this way, as are several Samsung Galaxy S models.

I am not yet replacing "glass-only" on bonded screens. In order to do that, I will have to acquire working phones with broken screens and new glass for those screens. I then will need to practice replacing the glass without destroying the LCD panel it is bonded to. I don't expect to be doing this any time soon.

 · Tax on parts is not included in the prices listed above, labor is.
 · Prices are only an estimate and are subject to change without notice.
 · I only do hardware repair on Apple devices, not iOS service.

 · I only use new, high quality, third-party replacement parts for Apple devices. None of these parts are Apple-branded or supported by Apple corporation. If I ever use Apple-branded parts, then those parts will be used, original, complete, OEM parts which were salvaged from another device.

 · Accepted payment methods: Cash, Check, PayPal, Credit/Debit via PayPal

 · ** iPhone 7/8/X series repairs might break the factory water-resistant seal. I can replace the seals, but I offer no guarantee; assume the phone will no longer be water-resistant. The phone system must also be updated to the latest version previous to any repairs.

 · iPhone 8/X series phones might lose the function of the ambient light sensor after screen replacement. This affects screen auto-brightness. An iOS version 12 update might fix this issue.

 · All repairs are for devices which are already out of warranty.

 · All repairs are for hardware only. For Mac/OSX/iOS stuff, I'll refer you to another tech.