The website has had a little facelift. I moved the left column of stuff over to the right and made the main post area wider. 'Contact Info' and 'About' pages were combined, and items for sale added to the 'Items for Sale' page. Created a page for software links, which has no links yet. This page will have many links to free, open source, or otherwise cool software of which people may not be aware. More to come.



Enjoy! I'm taking the rest of the day off, along with tomorrow, because everyone else does ;)


A few minor updates to the website

Recently, some of the text on these pages were replaced with hovering tooltips. This tidies things up a bit, visially. I just hope that the tooltips display properly for everyone.


6s batteries in stock

For those looking for 6S battery replacement. I am receiving batteries today, so I can fix the phone when you prefer.


iPad Mini for sale

Please check the For Sale page. I just added an iPad mini 16GB WIFI/Cell for $75. It needed a major frame straightening and new digitizer glass. All working well and with a good battery and system reset. Ready to add to an apple account.


Closed Aug 28 through Sept 5

I'm on vacation for a week. I'll be back Sept. 6 and can continue repairs at that time.