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Hours of Business: Monday & Tuesday 10AM - 6PM
Wednesday - Saturday evenings sometimes available


Some mild re-designs to the layout of the website are underway. Things may get weird for a while.


I am around today, and can work on devices. However, I am in the middle of replacing the starter motor in my car. I will be available later in the day, but will be dedicated to car repair until noon at the least.


Testing a re-design of the logo. I think I prefer it without the giant C :)
Some re-arranging today. The right-column is now the left column, and the page width has been narrowed to 900 pixels. This should accommodate more mobile devices when displaying this page.
I have removed direct email links on my contacts page and on the main page as well. Looking at traffic stats, there was a sudden jump in traffic since the domain was repaired. In the last day alone, this page received half of the total traffic that it did all of last last month. This would be good news except for the fact that all of that new traffic is from China. I need to avoid as much spamming and scamming of my service requests as is possible. So, alas, the direct links to email me have been changed to plain text with no at symbol.


If anyone is still having trouble reaching this web page with a particular web browser, they should clear the browsing history of that browser. Then this page should load properly.
Apparently, the way that my web domain linked to my Blogger website was using an old configuration. I missed any notices which would have alerted me to this. It should be fixed now, and hopefully the page will be back up soon.


Website down

I'm working on trying to resolve an issue with my web domain. I have no idea what caused my page to go down. If you can read this, then it has been fixed.



The website has had a little facelift. I moved the left column of stuff over to the right and made the main post area wider. 'Contact Info' and 'About' pages were combined, and items for sale added to the 'Items for Sale' page. Created a page for software links, which has no links yet. This page will have many links to free, open source, or otherwise cool software of which people may not be aware. More to come.



Enjoy! I'm taking the rest of the day off, along with tomorrow, because everyone else does ;)