Monday, April 26, 2021

Working toward re-opening with new services.

 I am working toward re-defining this business in 2021. It will still be Choate's Custom Computers, but with a new focus. Phone repairs will no longer be a regular service, due to lack of support for independent repair by the major phone manufacturers.

Repairs will be available for miscellaneous devices, including some phones and tablets.

PC services will focus less on Windows repair, and more on support for specific software and hardware. I will focus more on custom computing systems for specific tasks. Small, lightweight, and portable systems based on Linux, and Raspberry Pi will be more of a focus than Windows systems.

'Retro Arcade' systems will be supported, with services for building, configuring, and modifying multiple-system arcade machines.

Also offered will be some basic services for musical instruments, such as guitar setup, cleaning and repair.

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